Welcome to ITC and our Metaphysical Shop

The Interfaith Truth Center welcomes you.  We are motivated and dedicated to building a group consciousness where people of all beliefs may come together in an atmosphere of love, peace, and unity.

We are a community of metaphysical explorers dedicated to supporting each other as we:

  • Find our own inner peace
  • Grow beyond our limitations
  • Know the oneness of all
  • See the true abundance of our lives

We embrace all spiritual explorers

We honor all paths and beliefs that promote inner growth, personal empowerment, and unconditional love.

We share our energy with love and laughter.


We are located just west of Atlanta in Marietta,  GA. The Interfaith Truth Center and the metaphysical shop are in the Corner Plaza at the corner of Callaway Road and Austell Road next to the Exxon gas station.

A Message from Norma Osman

The entire universe is constantly moving.The Earth spins a half kilometer a second on its own axis and moves around the Sun at 30 kilometers a second,
The solar system revolves around the Milky Way at 250 kilometers a second. THE Milky Way moves around the local galaxy group at 300 kilometers a second, and it goes on and on. Everything moves. Even static objects move. The world consists of atoms and they move at 2200 meters a second. Everything is moving at all times,
SO, the illusion of a static world is just that AN ILLUSION. Anything is possible!!! ANYTHING.

Special Announcements

Board Positions Open
There are two open positions on the ITC Board and ITC is seeking nominations. You may nominate or yourself or someone else for consideration to serve as either Treasurer or Secretary of the Board. Please send your nominations to Rev. Norma Osman and copy the general ITC email. normahickory@aol.com and interfaithtruth@gmail.com

ITC Bylaws Being Revised
The Committee for Bylaws is meeting. If you have any suggestions please contact Norma by January 9, 2017. The goal is to have suggested revisions completed in time for review and voting at the February 12 annual meeting.

Hold the Date – February 12, 2017 – ITC Annual Meeting
Elect new Board members and approve revisions to bylaws. We will have a potluck.

ITC Happenings 

Happening in January
Sunday Lessons in January 2017 with Featured Speaker Rev. Larry Blomberg and The Prospering Power of Love.

Jan 15 – The Prospering Power of Love, Part 1: The Illumined Mind.
Rev. Larry Blomberg explores the truth about love. Love is the greatest success power there is. Love heals us, gives us peace, prosperity and lifts us up during difficult times.

Jan 22 – The Prospering Power of Love, Part 2: Healing the Soul.
Rev. Larry shares how love inspires a three part process for healing the soul. First comes illumination, then comes initiation, then comes the harvest.

Jan 29 – The Prospering Power of Love, Part 3: Resurrecting the Spirit.
Rev Larry will look at the metaphysical meanings of prayer and fasting. We will learn how to stop crucifying ourselves and experience the freedom of spiritual resurrection. We will hold a message circle as part of this service.

Feb 5 – The Prospering Power of Love, Part 4: Commune with the Angels.
Rev Larry concludes this series by sharing some powerful spiritual techniques for healing which include communicating with your angels and your superconscious mind.

Other News and Announcements

Spiritual Counseling Services
Rev. Larry Blomberg is offering spiritual counseling at ITC by appointment. He offers counseling through Tarot readings and hypnosis. If you would like an appointment please contact him at coachlblomberg@gmail.com or (678) 348-6484.

Volunteer Opportunity
If you would like to volunteer to work in the gift shop, please talk to Rev. Norma Osman. No experience is required – just a willingness to serve. ITC needs someone who can volunteer on a regular basis soon.

January Events and Happenings

Regular Events and Classes

Sunday Spiritual Gathering at 11:00 am. Our interfaith service is held weekly at 11:00 am.  We include a lesson, music, and meditation.

Every Tuesday @ 7pm – Explorer’s Group is studying Emilie Cady’s “Lesson In Truth.”

1st Thursdays @ 7pm – Tarot Study Group.

4th Thursday @ 7pm – Free Healing Demonstration by Jonathan Fletcher. This is usually held on the 3rd Thursday @ 7pm but do to a special event at our Center on January 19 Jonathan’s Healing Demonstration has moved to January 26. Thank you Jonathan!

The Metaphysical Shop

Interfaith Truth Center also has a metaphysical gift shop with books, candles, incense, sage, crystals, divination cards, and other items and tools to support your spiritual life. The metaphysical shop part of our new thought inspired center is open to the public Monday through Saturday.  Come in to shop or simply come in and sit in our quiet and relaxing space.

ITC Metaphysical Gift Shop Marietta Atlanta


Sunday School

We offer Sunday School for the little ones (potty trained and up) each week.

Volunteers to serve, particularly on 3rd Sundays, are also needed. Do you know of someone?

Additional Services and Offerings

ITC offers and hosts classes, workshops, and concerts.  We also have ministers and practitioners available for spiritual counseling, intuitive readings and guidance, healing, coaching and wedding officiation.

Servicess are available by appointment.

Our space is also available for outside groups to rent for special events and book signings.

Please contact us to inquire about these services.

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