August News and Updates

ITC News, Updates, and Events for August

A Message from ITC – From Norma Osman

ChallengesEvents and challenges
When life hands us unexpected events and new challenges, we have the opportunity to choose if we are the teacher or the student. In most cases being the teacher is the harder road to travel. The next time you have the chance to experience a new challenge or an event, take time to step back and ask yourself” what is life teaching?”. Am I the teacher or the student? This will smooth the path and let the energy flow. Remember a challenge is only energy unable to flow. Keep flowing, growing and learning.



Community MeeetingAugust 14 at 12:30pm
Community Wide Meeting

We will discuss future of ITC including location, membership, and more. Refreshments will be provided.

August 18 – 7pm Healing with John Fletcher

Come out to a FREE Healing class and demonstration of an INSTANT Healing Technique called the Midas Touch Instant Healing Technique.

Whether you are just curious, or you have physical pain, phobias, trauma, or just want to get “unstuck” so that you can LIVE your highest potential, you will GAIN from this class.

Love Offerings welcome

8-27 Chosen Book Launch PartyNEW DATE – August 27 at 5:30pm – CHOSEN Book Launch Party and Book Signing
Our very own minister Bernette Sherman will celebrate the release of her new novel Chosen: A Paranormal, Sci-Fi, Dystopian Novel and ITC will host her book release and signing party on August 27th. Find out about Chosen here:

Weekly Events and Classes
Sunday Gathering is held at 11am.  All are welcome at our interfaith spiritual gatherings.
Sunday Meditation at 10:30am each week except 3rd Sundays (Board Meetings are held 3rd Sundays)

Tuesday Explorer’s Group – 7pm. The theme for August is  – the hidden secrets of the Bible.

DEVELOP YOUR INTUITION – Interested in developing your own intuition? We are considering regularly scheduled group class and Pendulum Workshop.  We are currently determining interest level for a monthly intuitive development group where you can learn about developing intuition, practice in a safe space, and begin accessing your own inner guidance.  If interested, please send an email to Bernette Sherman at  The group will likely begin in September.  A one time workshop on using the Pendulum for guidance is also being considered. If interested in this workshop please contact Bernette Sherman as well.


Inspirational Thought or Words

ernest-holmes-intimacy-quote-05.18.15-1800Spiritual evolution should make the infinite not more distant, but more intimate.
-Ernest Holmes