Board Members

New ITC Board

Rev. Norma Osman

Chairman & Senior Minister Reverend Norma Osman’s ministry was in Hospice for more than twenty years, providing patient care and bereavement counseling. She served several terms on the board of directors; developed and delivered training to volunteers. In 1999, Reverend Osman co-founded the non-denominational Interfaith Truth Center in suburban Atlanta. As the Senior Minister at the Center, Norma conducts seminars and classes on meditation and spirituality to provide a springboard for inspiring individual self-discovery and spiritual growth. Her diverse experience allows her to speak on a wide range of topics. She has been married for over forty five years – parented two grown children. Norma gushes, “My four grandchildren are the most wonderful kids on the earth at this time!” Recently, she led a study group on advanced numerology. Most days Norma is at the center, eagerly open for a good joke.

Betty Hatfield

Co-Founder and Treasurer Betty did not need to build a bridge to new-age spiritualism from her Louisiana Catholic upbringing. A very old soul, she was BORN a passionate free-thinker with fierce independence, and an innate knowing of all things now considered “new-age and metaphysics.”Betty’s laughing blue eyes betray her even in a serious discussion. Especially when talking about her dedication to the InterFaith Truth Center, Betty cannot contain that fun loving smile. She’s one of a rare breed who commits to a project heart and soul. Forever! Yet, Betty wants to have a good time in the process. A belief in natural health and holistic well-being radiates from Betty. She walks her talk. An amazing lifetime of experience and knowledge empowers anyone privileged to engage her help. And, that is what really excites, Betty – helping others. She thrives on it! A single mom raising three teenagers taught Betty to “waste not, want not.” She passed that philosophy onto her three grandchildren. Betty’s face lights up and her dazzling smile radiates like the sun when she shares her years of devotion to the InterFaith Truth Center.

Rev. Larry Blomberg


Larry has studied, practiced and taught New Thought principles for his entire adult life. Over the last few years he has focused on Aramaic Bible Studies under the tutelage of Dr. Rocco Errico as a student at the Barbara King School of Ministry in Atlanta.

As a professional swimming coach Larry embraces and sees the divine potential in all people. He and his wife Kinda also run a business dedicated to “inspiring healthy living” using nutrition and self-hypnosis.

Larry is a proud father of two children. His daughter is an accomplished dancer and his son is an all-star baseball player.

Tracey Phillips

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Tracey is one of those rare and precious souls who gives of herself and her energy through service. She is known at ITC for her hospitality and keeping us caffeinated or with tea and snacks during our fellowship time following our Sunday gatherings.

During the week she takes care of precious cargo as a special needs school bus driver. She is a mother and grandmother.

Rev. Bernette Sherman – Secretary


Bernette is a minister of metaphysical spirituality who honors the inherit goodness of all people.  Serving at ITC means the world to her as she believes we serve God through service to others.

She is a gifted medium, spiritual advisor, and Reiki Master who sees clients at ITC on a limited basis.  She studied to become a metaphysical minister through St. John’s Church of Faith.

Bernette is also a mom to two children, married for eleven years, and is an author and writer in the genres paranormal, fantasy, and sci-fi, and metaphysics.  You might also hear Bernette sing at ITC when she has the time.