a thank you

This past Sunday we celebrated Norma’s birthday. If you missed it, you missed a great time. We got to surprise her with 80 flowers in the shop and a beautiful luncheon.

This is what she said –

Life is filled with memories, and thanks to all of you.  I had one on Sunday which I’ll cherished forever.  The words THANK YOU don’t even begin to express my feelings.  You all made my birthday into a Grand Celebration.  I appreciate everyone of you.
Love, Norma


We Love YOU Norma!!

Spring! New Life!

One thing I am noticing is the newness all around. ITC has grown in a truly unexpected way. I always knew we had the potential, as a shop, to become an ‘go to’ place to get the tools you need to help continue in your growth. We are so blessed to be part of this community.

Almost daily we hear things like – “I was just driving by and saw your sign.” or “I am so thankful you are right here in my area.” And things like “I love the energy in this place.” And “I just love all the people who work here.” Did you know that all the people working in the shop are volunteers? We really do love being here for you.

Did you know that we have a service on Sunday morning? We meet at 11 am for ‘church that isn’t church’ as Rev. Norma is fond of saying.  Our speakers each have their own style. From zen on up to the metaphysical meanings in the bible – we touch on it all. We are truly ‘Interfaith’. You will be loved on here. After service there is a coffee/tea social time.

Won’t you  join us some Sunday? We’d love to have you.

With much love,


Throw In the Anchor

An anchor consists of many parts – the ring, stock, shank, flukes, arms, and crown. Every part is necessary for it to give dependable service. As we move into new magnetic energy created by the sun, it will require each of us to be anchored in our knowingness and use every part of our knowingness. Just like the anchor, we need to give dependable service. That is what is needed at this time. This month will give everyone the opportunity to throw in the anchor, in some or many aspects of their lives. By staying anchored, growth will be possible.


Throw in the Anchor!

Norma Osman, Senior Pastor


Unearthed by Bernette:

It is my charge to go deep

To unearth the shallows of the soul

Where men’s hearts await uncovering

Hidden in the great unknown


With darkened eyes and shuttered ears

The senses do not judge the truth

For in the trappings of vanity

There is blindness to the illusion of life


Yet as the breaking of the ground

As the rain that washes down

As the sun that speeds the soil

The seed gives birth to life


From perfect roots, within, it hides

Yielding itself to nature’s law

Stretching ever to break through

Reaching always to the light

Being Alright With You

by Bernette

This week I consider my being.  The power within my being. The essence of my being. The resting and active states of my being.  I realize that life has a natural rhythm. A natural ebb and a natural flow.  We are a part of the force of nature.  Everything is and so I cannot escape that.  I could beat myself up about not getting to something because other responsibilities come up. I could feel bad it took me an extra two or three weeks to take a donation over to a charity I wanted to support. I could do that.  But I won’t.

Instead, I can rest, knowing that the time I had, I used as best I could, doing the best I could. I didn’t squander it or waste it and while I may not have put everything I did at the top of my to do wish list, life has to get done and it happens. Just keep rolling and remember that even if you don’t feel like you are doing enough, as long as you keep doing and keep moving in the direction you are called to move and ever towards your truth, whether it is one step a day or ten, you are making progress. That is what counts.

Those steps, great or small, will keep you in alignment with who you are meant to be.  Whether the step is sharing kindness with a stranger, a hug with a friend, learning a language so you can better relate to others, going back to school, finding a new job, or writing a book, all of these things can serve a purpose. Especially, when at the end of the day, our greatest purpose for being here is to learn love. We must learn to love and accept ourselves and when we do and realize the true essence of our being, we can’t help but love and accept everyone else.


Bernette is an author, minister, and student of metaphysics.  


written by Joy

In our society there is only twenty-four hours in a day.  Studies have shown that eight out of the twenty-four is required for the average person to sleep. Another eight hours is used to work,  so what do you do with the eight hours remaining? Do you give your eight hours to school? Do you give your eight hours to your job? Do you give your eight hours to your family? Do you give your eight hours  to your significant other? Do you give your eight hours to your spiritual belief ? Do you give your eight hours to your friends? Do you give your eight  hours to sleeping? Do you give your eight hours to yourself?  Do you divide your eight hours and do several of the above? Have you ever felt like it’s never enough time in a day? How many times, do you  have to take two or more days to complete something? Well, guess what? You are right to feel over whelmed, and to feel like you are running out of time. I mean think about it , in today’s society, twenty -four hours is a day, and out of that twenty -four  hours society expects you to use  sixteen of those eight hours towards bettering society and eight hours to do what ever you want, and if you don’t spend those eight hours wisely,(according to society) you can really mess up your family, career, religion, relationships and most important  yourself .  Now you can imitate others in businesses and give less time to sleeping and more time to business, school and a job, to be successful and  make more money. You can also imitate others who put more of there eight hours into religion, family, friends and themselves and appear to be happy or you can simply just do what is important to you, and not imitate anyone. Just do what makes you feel right and balance . Pay attention, trust yourself and listen to your inside voice. You want  go wrong if you listen and feel what to do. Then just do it, it will work out. The more you feel , trust and follow your natural instinct the more that twenty -four hours that this society has given you to govern to better this society, will slowly evolve back to a thousand years becoming a day.

Burning Sage

written by Joy

Every life transition has its “zero hour,” that moment when everything that came before it is different from everything that comes after. I hit that moment this weekend when I went to Visit my sick father at Virginia Beach in ICU.
The whole weekend was a blur of movement, following the rules of the hospital,( only two at a time in the room) ( family members fighting over who should stay) waiting long hours for test results,( Doctors using medical terms I don’t understand) worry( is daddy going to be alright) and stress (I left my children in Georgia are they ok?!). There was assurance too, chirping somewhere deep in the stress maelstrom, but it was hard to hear it.
And at the end of the weekend I was left drained and relieve that Daddy was doing better and would be able to go home before the week was out. Now of course I brought my white sage and bowl with me along with some stones for comfort and ease. At the house I was staying I notice their was a window in the bathroom. I was so relieved that before I take my shower and wash away the dirt, I can burn my sage and wash away all of the negative energy that I pick up over the weekend,( that way I can leave it right there in Virginia Beach). I’m not generally one who performs ancient cleansing ritual used by Native American and shamanic cultures outside of my home, but the same way I needed a shower before I hit the road to drive eight hours back to Georgia. I needed to shower my soul. The trip had been so mind consuming and stressful, that spiritually I was drained. I wanted to feel grateful that my family was all together, grateful that daddy was doing better, grateful that my children at home in Georgia was doing good and grateful that the “zero hour” was behind me. In anticipation of this moment, I let my sister Sarah know she might smell something burning , no worries I was just doing a little sage smudging. A ritual that will close out this weekend and clear the house for daddy’s future life. Awkwardly She said ok. I went into the bathroom open the window , closed the door( I was not blessing the house I was just taken a sage shower)and began my sage shower.

How you can perform a Sage Cleansing Ritual

1. Buy a sage smudge stick and find a bowl to hold it over (traditionally, abalone shell is used). Also set up a cup of water to extinguish it after the ritual.
2. Open every door and window in your house, and turn on fans if you have them.
3. Light the stick, and when it catches fire, blow it out an
4. Set your intention for each room. Say a prayer of cleansing. I suggest, “I cleanse this room of any impurities, negativity, or anything that does not suit or support the people that live here.”
5. Walk around the room, waving the sage stick so its smoke drifts into corners, along walls, around windows, and along ceiling lines. As you do, imagine the smoke absorbing negativity, problems from those who were in the space before you, toxicity, and anything else you want to go away. See the smoke dissipating and floating out the windows, and imagine that bad energy flowing out of your space, making room for positive, fresh energy.
6. After you’ve blessed every room, give yourself a sage shower. Cup your hands over the smoke and “wash” your face with it, then wave it all over your body as you would in a water shower. Visualize any residual negativity sailing out of your body, out of your home, and into oblivion.
7. Extinguish the stick in the cup of water or – if your stick was very small or is almost done – flush it down the toilet. You can also bury it in your back yard (if you are very sure that it is extinguished).
I have to say that my sage shower was very refreshing. I felt like it made me whole again, it cleared away all of the anxiety and stress of the weekend, and left me with the opportunity to say, cleanly , I am so grateful for this experience. The Doctors and Nurses. My Father. My children. My Family.

Fear Is A Liar

written by Joy

Today at our Sunday Service, after Rev Norma gave a lesson on “Fairy Tales” that reminded us that the two emotions that we know is fear and love. Our friend Eve shared with us how she had a big break threw, during our Wednesday night healing class with John. Eve shared that the fears she once felt she no longer feels. Eve also feels like her fears are gone for good, and she now feels alive. Thank-you John for helping Eve and others tap away there fears. I found the following on fear enjoy.

Fear is something that we all experience, and something that we all have within our psyche.  Fear once served us, kept us alive and in one piece but as society has changed and we have become more evolved and more “intelligent”; learning more about the world and apparently how it works, we have become more afraid not less.  We have so many fears in this modern world: fear of failure, fear of rejection and abandonment, fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough…the list goes on and on.

Fear is always rooted in what we feel we don’t have and what other people will think, believe about or do to us, lack and not enough and fear is felt so keenly because on a very primitive level all fear is based around the fear of dying.  When we are afraid of something we feel vulnerable, in danger and as though we could be consumed at any time.  Fear is quite possibly the worst feeling in the world, more so in these modern times.  We feel so strongly this fear and this want for things to be different and feel better and even though our logical mind is telling us that there is a solution to this problem we still feel terrible.  This is because our inner being is feeling this fear on the most basic level and this fear becomes the fear of death – a much bigger threat than the issue at hand.



When we worry about things we pour our energy into this worry, boosting it, helping it to grow and it feeds on this energy and demands more.  Focusing on the fear and the worry brings about more worry and does not bring a solution.  Have you ever noticed how worrying about one certain thing suddenly leads to more worry about something else, often completely unrelated?  How starting to freak out about one subject brings an avalanche of worry and doubt your way?  This is because the vibration and the feeling of fear is so strong it pulls more and more to it and the focus we give to fear invites more because when we are worried about something we believe we must focus on this to find a solution, but in all your time worrying about things has worrying really ever helped?

As the image above says, about 90% of what we worry about and are afraid of never happens.  We get ourselves worked up and we shut ourselves off from many possibilities because we don’t want more reasons to be afraid or worried and the unknown is scary. But, if you think about it it’s never the unknown you worry about.  It’s the things that you know *could* happen that keep you up at night, the things that you can see a logical progression from where you are at that current time to where you do not want to end up that scares you; not the unknown.  We never give the unknown a chance because of all this ‘possible known stuff that could go wrong’ that constantly rotates in our minds.  The unknown is where the solution lies.



Some fear we confuse with anticipation.  Anticipation is that feeling of not knowing how, but knowing everything is going to be ok and that is just a matter of time before the solution presents itself.  We cannot be so vain as to think that we already know all the answers to be able to achieve the life we want within our current experience.  It is in that unknown all around us that the next steps towards gaining and achieving what we want are waiting and in order to learn, see and gain these, we have to leave our comfort zone and that means throwing fear and worry out of the window.


Fear can only win if you allow it to.  It can only be all consuming if you stay within this small window of thinking that the unknown is the problem, that the unknown is the enemy and that you have to have all the answers.  What could you achieve if you pushed fear aside and allowed it to be possibility, opportunity and anticipation instead?