written by Joy

In our society there is only twenty-four hours in a day.  Studies have shown that eight out of the twenty-four is required for the average person to sleep. Another eight hours is used to work,  so what do you do with the eight hours remaining? Do you give your eight hours to school? Do you give your eight hours to your job? Do you give your eight hours to your family? Do you give your eight hours  to your significant other? Do you give your eight hours to your spiritual belief ? Do you give your eight hours to your friends? Do you give your eight  hours to sleeping? Do you give your eight hours to yourself?  Do you divide your eight hours and do several of the above? Have you ever felt like it’s never enough time in a day? How many times, do you  have to take two or more days to complete something? Well, guess what? You are right to feel over whelmed, and to feel like you are running out of time. I mean think about it , in today’s society, twenty -four hours is a day, and out of that twenty -four  hours society expects you to use  sixteen of those eight hours towards bettering society and eight hours to do what ever you want, and if you don’t spend those eight hours wisely,(according to society) you can really mess up your family, career, religion, relationships and most important  yourself .  Now you can imitate others in businesses and give less time to sleeping and more time to business, school and a job, to be successful and  make more money. You can also imitate others who put more of there eight hours into religion, family, friends and themselves and appear to be happy or you can simply just do what is important to you, and not imitate anyone. Just do what makes you feel right and balance . Pay attention, trust yourself and listen to your inside voice. You want  go wrong if you listen and feel what to do. Then just do it, it will work out. The more you feel , trust and follow your natural instinct the more that twenty -four hours that this society has given you to govern to better this society, will slowly evolve back to a thousand years becoming a day.